NPU 010


Size:135x125x185 mm

Peso: 3,5 kg

Operating pressure:7/9 bar

Complete with pedal board

Customizable colours: BLACK/RED/GREEN/BLUE

Universal press for insulated and uninsulated terminals


The main feature that differentiates this product from others on the market, is the only opening on the main side of the device, which allows every tipe of tube terminals per wire from sect. 0,14 to sect. 10 mm2, without incurring in positioning errors or having to change the matrix.

Pneumatic device boasting extremely small size, suitable when a various amount of different crimps of insulated and uninsulated tube terminals is requested.

During the design phase, it was given importance to the materials and to the details, as to grant the product high quality and sophisticated design.

The particular crimping phase allows for an extremely safe and precise operation. Patented system.

Here are some examples of the wide range of crimping allowed by the device:

Weight 11,5 kg
Dimensions 36 × 15 × 23 cm


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