ZEUS 4.26


Sizes: 360x150x230 mm

Weight: 11,5 kg

Operating pressure: 8/9 bar

Complete of pedal bar.

Press for mica and Picoflex connectors*

Electropneumatic cutting machine, portable by

handles in every operational area, of great versatility.

Control panel consisting of only four membrane keys, easy to understand and program.

Able to cut multi-core cables, single-core cables, up to sect. 25mm2, PVC sheaths, silicone etc, flat up to 45mm width. Unwinding and cutting length from 1mm to 100mt.

The device is compliant to EC regulations.

The material introduction area is easy and quick to access, by lifting the rollers with a single lever, and adjusting without using other tools.

Cutting area with automatic material ejection, with cutting blades in WIDIA material for a long life.

Here are some examples of cables and sheats that the device is able to cut :

Weight 11,5 kg
Dimensions 36 × 15 × 23 cm


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