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Find out how Eurocab has grown in the wiring business, learn about our history and let’s build our future together!


Find out what Eurocab produces everyday, with the experience and the reliability gained within years of hard work.


Discover Eurocab’s fulcrum: the quality. Certified TÜV quality for over 12 years.

Eurocab is based in Castel Maggiore, and was founded in 1998 from the twenty years of experience of the founders in the wiring, electronic sub-supply, electromechanical business. From the beginning, the company focused its business philosophy on flexibility, quality, efficiency, reliability and the will to take care of the client from start to finish. Our company is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified (TÜV CERTIFICATE NR. 50 100 2352).

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Eurocab S.r.l.

Via Mastroianni 5
Castel Maggiore, BO 40013
Phone: (+39) 051 703174
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Mail :