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P.F. 50

A Eurocab pneumatic device, particularly required to crimp any kind of connector on the ribbon cables.

An extremely easy-to-use device, thanks to the guide rails to insert the ribbon cable and the only die that allows to crimp any type of connector from 10 poles pitch 1, to 50 poles pitch 1,27 (connectors DB included).

The P.F. 50 crimping machine is 100% environmental friendly, sure enough it requires only a pneumatic connection, and the operating pressure is adjustable through the dedicated damper. It comes with the appropriate pedal to set in motion the machine.

During the planning stage, it has been chosen the finest materials available and a design which help to minimize maintenance. Italian quality certified.

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Dimensions: 270x130x170 mm
Weight: Kg 4,2
Operating Pressure: 7-9 Bar

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